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“Help Jasmine” head sale

Posted on 24 September 2015

As many of our clients and friends know, we are cat people here at Sinthetics. Just over 2 weeks ago we had to put our beloved Pixie down when she was diagnosed with cancer. She was 15, which is a good long life for a cat. Unfortunately this week we have learned that our 5-month old kitten Jasmine likely has a rare blood disease, but we don’t have the type identified yet. We found out about her illness after she was spayed last week but bruised badly all over her body. She had to get a blood transfusion on Monday because her red blood cells were down to only 10%! As you can imagine, vet bills are climbing steadily, so we’re offering a rare special on any new head orders to help us cover the unexpected costs.

There’s a 2nd reason for this sale also: We have LOTS of extra heads being poured right now because we are training 3 new people. This is the good news part of our thread! All the heads that are being offered are new, and perfect. You can select any head in any color to go with a doll you already have, or to add onto an existing order. All heads (except custom) are eligible, and all upgrades are still available. Unless the order is to go with a doll you have on order, the finish time is going to be about 4 weeks while we get the eyes in stock. This is a short-term offer that will be removed as soon as we have enough sales to cover Jasmine’s care this month. The price of the standard head has been dropped from $650 to $400 for this special, plus postage and any upgrades you select. We’re also including an extra outfit and shoes for this sale. CLICK HERE to access our new shopping cart and the Jasmine Special

Thank you for helping us take care of our little kitten, and also for giving our new employees some good training! Remember, these are all perfect, first quality, new heads!

Shop away.

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  • Bel: September 24, 2015

    My heart is breaking to learn this. All of my love and warm thoughts to your family, human and fuzzy alike.

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