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Care Guide

Doll Hospital

Should your doll break please contact us immediately. We have a Doll Hospital where we can repair most dolls of any brand. For brands other than Sinthetics or Lovable Dolls, we may not be able to match parts or silicone exactly, but we will do our best to do a clean, functional repair. If you believe your doll has a broken or dislocated back or leg, do not hang him/her on a stand. Severe breaks should be supported and broken dolls should be left seated or lying down. Minor repairs such as tears in the silicone, replacement of labia or make up touch-ups can be done by you at home. Please contact us for details on how to do at-home repairs, for replacement parts and kits or estimates on a “surgery” in our doll hospital. 


Sinthetics are made of very durable material but should still be handled with care and respect. Optimal storage for Sinthetics is to keep the manikin hanging by the provided hook. Custom Sinthetics stands are available for purchase through our website. If you are unable to keep your manikin suspended he or she can be stored seated or lying down on a soft, well supported surface. You should not store your Sinthetic lying on its side for long periods of time or put pressure on the manikin from the sides. Always avoid pressure on the eyelashes as they are the most delicate part of your manikin. Please read your owners’ manual prior to using your manikin for information on proper use, maintenance and storage.


The tips presented here are good for use with any silicone doll.
Having your Sinthetic hanging on a stand makes dressing considerably easier. Specially designed stands can be purchased through our website. We strongly recommend selecting clothing that opens completely down the front or back and/or has stretch to make dressing your manikin easier and more enjoyable. Always take care to avoid bending or pulling the fingers during dressing. Each Sinthetic goes home with a pair of knee-high stockings specially intended to cover the hands while dressing to make the fabric slide more easily and avoid damage to the fingers. Use of stockings, pantyhose and bodystockings will make dressing your doll much easier. This is true of the male dolls as well. Take your time when dressing your Sinthetic.

If your doll is going to be wearing long pants we advise putting nylon stockings on first. The stockings help clothing slide on easily. If you use thigh-high stockings you can pull them off when you are finished putting on the pants. We recommend using these stockings when your manikin is in bed as well to avoid the fingers catching in bedding.

Stretch fabrics are always preferable for silicone dolls! They will make your life much easier, prevent unnecessary exertion on your part and prevent damage to your Sinthetic. Whenever possible, use clothing with wide necks, buttons, zipper or other fasteners for easy dressing. In most cases it is easiest to dress manikins from the feet up. We do not advise that you put very tight clothing (tight jeans) or bras with under wires or boning on your manikin as these items can leave temporary impressions in the silicone. If you are using boned clothing, you can often remove the wires easily from the inside of the outfit without changing the look of the outfit.

To put on a sweater or T-shirt, if the neckline doesn’t open completely in the front or back but is wide enough or has enough stretch it is always best to pull the clothing on from the feet up. If you must pull the top on over the neck, it is best to remove the head before putting the item over one hand first, then stretching over the neck, and finally putting the other hand into the garment. This is easiest with the manikin’s arms bent at the elbows, close to her/his body with hands up by the shoulders. For shirts or jackets that open down the front, pull the manikin’s arms gently behind the back, putting the hands close together with the arms straight or slightly bent. Put the sleeves over the hands first, taking care of the fingers, then pull up the arms evenly until the garment is properly in place. Sinthetics have jointed shoulders and clavicles which make putting shirts on much easier.

To put on underwear, pants or skirt, it is easiest to straighten the manikin’s legs, and slide the clothes up slowly. Stockings or pantyhose make putting on pants much easier. To put on stockings or pants, scrunch the garment down so that you are holding the waist band and the foot hole in one hand. Push the foot gently through the hole and slide up to the ankle. Repeat on the other side. Gradually work the garment up the legs. If necessary, squeeze your manikin’s knees together to ease sliding the clothes up.

If you live in a dry climate and find static to be a problem, we recommend Static Guard spray in the laundry isle at a local store.

When selecting shoes for your manikin it is best to order shoes a size larger than your manikin’s feet in order to avoid damage or squashing the toes especially in the case of closed-toe shoes and boots. Socks and stockings make putting shoes on much easier. Videos will be added to the website shortly to show the best dressing techniques.

Placing the Wig: To correctly place the wig on your manikin, make sure the elastic strip at the bottom of the wig is placed at the back of the manikin’s head where it meets the neck. The wig label should be centered. If the elastic does not keep the fit of the wig tight on the manikin, the wig could slide off during use. Most wigs have adjustable elastic with clips to tighten. For short styles, bring the back of the wig to the connection point between the head and neck for the best look. Adjust the wig placement as necessary for the most natural appearance. Pulling a wig too close to the eyebrows and reducing the amount of forehead shown can cause your manikin to look angry or sad. Remember to give the right amount of forehead space!

Static electricity can cause the hair to stick to the silicone. Spraying a little water on the wig and using a metal comb can reduce this. If the wig style is curly and begins to go frizzy, spritz with cold water. Ideal wig combs are available in the Accessories section of our shopping cart.

Outfits from our Galleries: In some cases we will sell the clothing a Sinthetic is wearing in a photo set. Please contact us if you are interested in a specific pair of shoes, the jewelry or clothing shown. If we have the item available, very often we only have individual pieces, but we will sell some by request. In other cases the outfit, shoes or accessories may be available from one of our vendors allowing us to special order for you. Check our blog posts periodically to see if we have any items of interest available on clearance. A few times a year we will sell sample wigs, props, outfits etc that may be new in the package or may have been used once for a show or photography setting.

Pre-Wash Clothing: It is typically best to hand wash lingerie and dark outfits prior to dressing your manikin as dyes can sometimes stain silicone. We recommend hand washing and hang-drying outfits prior to putting them on your Sinthetic. In the case where clothing does accidentally stain your doll, the color will usually come out of the silicone by itself in a week or two. Do not try to wash the color out or rub the area excessively. The silicone will eventually reject the clothing dye.

Posing, Play and Range of Motion

Sinthetics have fully jointed, articulating skeletons. They are designed to have the widest range of realistic motion possible and to hold most poses. Sinthetics cannot support their own weight, however, and do not have locking joints. When you see dolls “standing” in our photos some kind of support or stand was used. We do not photo-shop the stands out so you can often see them. Neck hooks can be used to suspend your manikin from a beam or stand to create the appearance of standing.

The legs can be lifted 90° to the front (kneeling, or with legs over your shoulders with back on the bed). The thighs can be pushed apart and together but may not hold a position if the weight of the silicone is pressing back to its relaxed posture. Arms can be lifted to shoulder height from the front but should not be pushed past shoulder height to the side. The range of motion is designed to mimic normal human motion not contortionist abilities. If the manikin is resisting a position, do not force it. Breakage of joints is possible if manikins are roughly or improperly posed. View pictures in our galleries for examples of safe poses for your manikins. We recommend using support devices such as wedges, pillows and swings to position and use your manikin for best results. Look at this linkto see some posing video, instruction and images.

When moving a particular joint, address the joint directly. Do not try to move the hip by holding the leg at the knee, for instance. When moving the hip, put one hand above the joint and one directly below it and ease the joint into the position you want. The same applies for all areas of the doll. Excessive leverage caused by moving a joint from further down the “bone” can cause the “bones” to warp or the joints to break. Detailed information on the range of motion and the correct way to move joints is included in every Sinthetic’s care guide.

It is normal for the joints to be a little tight when a Sinthetic is new, and for them to loosen slightly over time. We use specialized joints and fittings to prevent excessive loosening even with years of play.

Moving the Joints

• Elbow/Ankles - To bend the elbow, hold the area above the elbow in one hand and the area below the elbow with your other hand. Use firm, slow pressure to move the joints. Be aware of the way you are bending the arm to avoid unnatural positions or damaging the joint. Try to feel the structure and bend with the joint rather than forcing it to bend.
Wrists/Ankles - Hold the hand and arm in the same way as described for the elbow. Make sure to hold the hand at the center of the palm and gently flex the joint using your upper hand to stabilize the arm. The ankles are moved the same way.
Knees – Using the same grasp and process as described for the elbow, hold above the leg and below the knee. Most of the available motions are the same as for humans. Do not force the joints to move or use heavy pressure with posing your manikins.
Fingers – Positioning the fingers in a natural position makes a considerable difference to the appearance of reality. Try to keep the fingers in a relaxed posture rather than extremely straight or bent. To pose each finger, hold it where the knuckle would be that you are trying to move then pose the finger with your other hand. The hands can hold a pose and can support light weight items such as pens, flowers, fruit etc. The fingers are made with a very durable wire and a unique construction that allows for a solid finger-feel, posability and no silicone tearing with proper use and care.

Carrying & Moving Your Sinthetic: A good tool for moving manikins around is a chair with wheels, such as an office chair, or a doll stand with wheels. The best way to carry your doll is the bridal position or bear hug. . Always be conscious of where hands and feet are to avoid dragging or pulling them. It is a good idea to cover the hands with knee-high stockings while moving. Make sure that the hands are not under the manikin when you put her/him down as the fingers can be damaged. Please do not pull on the fingers, hands, toes, arms or legs, or throw your manikin as a break could occur. Dropping or putting a manikin down too hard can also result in damage.
For bridal carry: First, position the manikin’s hands loosely over the chest or stomach. Stand to the side of your manikin when she/he is in the face-up position or sitting, slide one hand around the back and hold under the arms. Use your other hand to hold your manikin under the thighs or knees.
For bear hug: If you only have to move a short distance, you can also lift the manikin under the arms and carry her/him face to face. Be cautious to avoid over stretching or damaging the breasts in this position

When positioning your manikin for doggie style or other face-down positions, ALWAYS turn the face to the side to avoid friction.You must be careful to avoid any rubbing of the face as make-up and eyelashes can be damaged. It is best to support the upper body of your Sinthetic with pillows or a wedge to prevent the face touching any fabrics or surfaces during play whenever possible.

Breasts: The breasts of female Sinthetics contain a soft stable gel and are covered with thin silicone skin. To protect the breasts, please do not leave your manikin in the face-down position. When you use the manikin in face down positions (such as doggy style) use cushions under the chest to reduce the burden and friction. Treat your manikin as you would treat a real woman; do not strongly knead the breasts or pull them as this could cause rips or tears. Make sure to turn the head so that the face is not experiencing undue friction on furniture or bedding. Be conscious of clothing tugging on the breasts when dressing or undressing your doll.

Care, Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning your Sinthetic

Making sure to clean your Sinthetic after every encounter is very important for durability and your health. If your manikin has built-in entries, use the provided cleaning kit or a standard douche ball with warm water and antimicrobial soap to flush your manikin out. Dish soap often has a pleasant scent and works very well for cleaning out your manikin. You can also add a small amount of bleach if you wish. After soaping, flush thoroughly with fresh water until completely clean. Make sure to dry the inside of your manikin as well as possible either by letting her/him drip-dry from a hanging position or by using an absorbent cloth wrapped around a narrow long object such as a ½” dowel rod. If you opt to use a cloth and dowel, be very conscious of keeping the dowel completely covered to avoid scraping, gouging or tearing your doll.

For dolls with Honey Pots, remove the insert after each use and wash thoroughly under hot running water with antibacterial soap. The silicone is able to sustain very high temperatures and can even be washed in your dishwasher. Flush thoroughly until completely clean. After allowing the insert to dry completely, replace it in your Sinthetic using hand sanitizer gel to help it slide into place. Take care to always dry the inside of the insert thoroughly either by letting it drip-dry or by drying with an absorbent cloth wrapped around a narrow long object such as a ½” dowel rod. The insert can be heated with hot water prior to use if your Sinthetic does not have the built-in heat.

Lubricant: It is absolutely necessary to use lubricant when using Sinthetic manikins and other Sinthetics products for sex. When using silicone products you should only use water based lubricant. Never use oil-based or silicone based lubricants as they can seriously damage your manikin. You can order recommended lubricant brands directly through Sinthetics. Every manikin is shipped with a bottle of lubricant.

Bathing/Showering: When your Sinthetic needs to be cleaned, bathe gently using body soap or mild detergent with a soft cloth or sponge and warm water. Nipples, pubic area or face should never be vigorously rubbed. Rubbing the colored areas of your manikin very hard or using harsh chemicals such as acetone or alcohol will damage the tints. Excessive friction can also break body hair off. Always handle your manikin with care. You can bathe your manikin in the bath but water should not be deep enough to get into the neck bolt area. If you clean your manikin in the shower, make sure to remove the head and wig before washing. Cover the head attachment area and neck bolt with a plastic bag or shower cap with a rubber band to keep water out. This is especially important if your Sinthetic has the built-in heat. The plug for the heater must never get wet. If you are having a problem with static electricity, products such as Static Guard Spray in the laundry aisle at your grocery store can be very useful. You can follow a bath with perfume if you would like the added scent identity for your Sinthetic. You can also take your Sinthetic into the hot tub or swimming pool with care to keep the neck area dry as described above.

Body hair cleaning: The body hair on your manikin is hand applied by individually punching each strand. This creates a very realistic appearance but the hairs are fine and must be cleaned carefully. Rough scrubbing or friction can break the hairs off or pull them out. It is best to rinse the area with running water rather than rubbing with a cloth or sponge.

Color maintenance: Your Sinthetic has been created with the make-up style of your choice. The colors are sealed on for durability, but in some instances it may be necessary to replace some of the make-up colors. Be conscious of your own body hair and furnishings – they cause friction which can damage finishes over time. If you have very course beard stubble, be nice to your Sinthetic and shave before play.

If finish repairs become necessary select compressed power make-up (eye shadows) of similar colors to do any touch-ups. Use a round tipped make-up brush like short bristle soft paint brush to reapply the colors where necessary. For nipples, a soft sponge can be used. If you wish to seal the color on, please contact us for detailed instructions and materials.

Fingernails and toe nails are created with permanent color. If you opt to paint the nails you can use regular nail polish. If removing the color, use non-acetone nail polish remover. Acetone will melt the nails. We do not recommend painting the nails as the base nail can be permanently damaged. If a nail should pop off, use GE Silicone II Clear Caulk from a home improvement store to reattach them.

Replacing the Head:
There are now several generations of Sinthetics heads. To remove the manikin’s head, you will need to first take off the wig. For the female dolls the head flips open in the back. There is a visible slice which is held together by a strong magnet. If you cannot open it with your fingers, you can slide a blunt knife between the slit and pop the magnet open.

For dolls made mid-2013 and later: After opening the head, simply twist off the wing nut to release the connection. To put the head back on, make sure the neck is in a straight, upright position. Place the head over the neck attachment and align the hole in the skull over the visible bolt. Apply the wing nut finger-tight to secure. Flip the skull and silicone cap back down. The top of the head will close with a magnet.

For earlier dolls: Flip the top of the head, and depress the white button to release the head clip. Slowly lift the head off the neck. To put the head back on, make sure the neck is in a straight, upright position. Place the head over the neck attachment and slowly slide down until the attachment clicks into place, or is tightened on with the wing nut. The top of the head will close with a magnet.

For male dolls: Male dolls and some very early Sinthetics have a different skull type. This is so that the head can be left bald without a visible cut.

If you find that your Sinthetic appears to be looking down, you can straighten the neck by gripping firmly under the chin in a “strangling” gesture. Push back gently but firmly to straighten the neck joint which is about half way down the neck.

Replacing and positioning the eyes: The position of your doll’s eyes can greatly change the attitude and realism. Take care to keep the eyes in a natural position, both facing the same direction and always make sure to avoid touching or damaging the eyelashes. The eyes are very easy to pose. Simply remove the wig, open the head, put your hand inside the head and use the small adjustment pins to modify the direction your manikin is looking.

To remove the eyes, add a drop of water-based lubricant at the lash line with a Q-tip/cotton bud being careful to avoid touching the eyelashes. Wiggle the eye in the socket a little from the inside to distribute the lubricant. Gently but firmly pull the eye out of the socket. You will hear it pop out. To put new eyes in, simply lubricate the new eye slightly then push the eyeball into the socket. You will need to push it a little further in so the eye bulges slightly to make sure the eye is completely in. Release to a natural look, position as desired, then close the head and replace the wig.

Brushing the hair:
When brushing a wig it is always best to use a metal wig comb such as the ones available on our site. Metal combs reduce static and tangles. Brush gently and do not pull the hair strands. To brush a long wig, hold the hair in your hand with a few inches of the ends sticking out. Brush through the ends gently until there are no tangles. Move your hand another few inches up and repeat. When you get close to the skull, comb gently down to the ends of the hair. Do not brush through the wig net.

Washing the wig
• Before washing the wig, gently brush it to remove tangles.
• Fill a sink or bucket with cold water and mix in 1 tablespoon of wig shampoo.
• Immerse the wig for one minute and gently agitate in the water/soap mixture. Do not rub the wig as this can damage the style or cause tangles.
• Empty the sink and refill with clean water. Repeat to rinse.
• Remove the wig from the water and blot gently with a towel. Do not squeeze or wring.
• Apply wig conditioning spray very lightly, spraying from 10 to 12 inches away.
Never heat-dry a wig! Allow the wig to air dry out of direct sunlight by supporting it on a slender object such as a hairspray can or shampoo bottle. Using the manikin’s head or a wig stand can permanently stretch the wig cap.
• You can style the wig lightly with your fingertips while damp; do not brush until it is completely dry.

We have lots of interesting tips that are regularly updated for styling and maintenance on our Pinterest feed.

Perfume: You can perfume your Sinthetics. Smell is a very important aspect of attraction and personality. Adding a special scent to your manikin will heighten your experience and enhance bonding. Every Sinthetic is shipped with a name brand perfume or cologne.

Can I put make-up on my Sinthetic?

You can put normal make-up on your Sinthetic. Although it is possible to put lipstick or gloss on your manikin it can be difficult to remove and can damage the factory make-up in removal. For easiest removal of lipstick use alcohol on a cotton ball and rub as little as possible. You can change the look of your manikin temporarily by using any compressed powder make-up (like eye shadow compacts). Powder make-up is easily removed with warm water and mild soap or alcohol. Do not rub your manikin’s face with anything abrasive or with a lot of pressure as this can damage the factory make up. Always take care to protect the eyelashes of your manikin! The eyelashes are the most delicate part of any doll.

How to install the Honey Pot: The best way to insert the Honey Pot or insertable Penis Attachments is to follow the steps below:
There is some great advice here. The steps we recommend:
1) Spread the legs properly with knees bent. See the instructional video on our Videos page. The opening needs to be fairly wide so you can get the insert to slide easily.
2) Apply the hand sanitizer – about a 1″ blob of it – to the outside of the Honey Pot and spread it around
3) As you’re about to slide the Honeypot in, press down on her belly to collapse the cavity and drive the air out, releasing pressure slowly as you slide the insert into place. You’ll never get it all of the way in unless you let the air out.
4) Slide the insert in with a fair amount of force. It will bunch but as you press it will also straighten. It only fits in one way so you do want to make sure the shapes line up.
5) You can use your fingers or a padded rod of some kind to gently assist in pushing the insert in from the inside. Meaning you put your fingers/the rod into the insert and use your hand outside the insert to help it all slide happily. Make a point of not using a stick or something that will tear through the back of the Honey Pot though!

To remove it, spread the legs (knees bent as always). Grip the insert at the thick ridge behind the labia – you will have to put your fingers into the inner ridge of the body. Pull slowly but firmly. There will be a vacuum seal at the back which will pop apart when the insert has stretched enough to let a little air flow between the insert itself and the body. Once the seal is broken it will slide out fairly easily.

NOTE: We do not recommend using lubricant to install the insert. The point of the hand sanitizer is that it evaporates which creates a nice tight bond inside the body. Use only water-based lubricant for sexual penetration of the doll. Gel or liquid is fine, as long as it’s water based.

Please view our Care and Maintenance section for instructions on cleaning the entries.

Details about various penis options are available here.


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