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Every platinum silicone item that we offer is individually handmade for each order unless otherwise specified. We specialize in making ultra-personalized high end silicone art for you!

We are instituting a price increase with the release of our new shopping cart. The price increase will include soft thighs as standard on all dolls. The new base pricing for bodies 1B and 1H will be $5,900, and the new base pricing for bodies 2A, 2D and the male M1 will be $6,100. This price increase is partially driven by increases in transport costs on materials, increases in material prices, and a rise in production costs.

The base price for a female Sinthetic is $5,750 plus shipping.

Male Sinthetics start at $5,900 plus shipping.

These prices include the gel buttocks upgrade. Many people opt for at least one or two upgrades for their Sinthetic. Some of the upgrades come at no additional charge, but others do have fees. You can see some of the special customized products we’ve done on our Customizations page. Prices may change periodically without notice.

Here is the cost breakdown:

  • Basic Female Doll – starts at $5,750 for bodies 1B and 1H. Bodies 2A and 2D start at $5,900
  • Basic Male Doll – starts at $5,900
  • Additional head – $650 plus upgrades
  • Custom body – starts at $25,000 Please email for details
  • Custom head – starts at $4,000. Please email for details
  • Custom skin tone – $300.
    $150 is non-refundable for formulation & samples, $150 to implement the color into the product
  • Freckles – start at $50 and go up depending on placement, density and amount
  • Custom eyes – start at $300. Our professional eye maker can make any color or style of eyes you want including atypical colors and animal/monster eyes
  • Custom teeth, labia or nipples – start at $150. The fee is for custom sculpting and molding
  • Piercings – combination piercings vary by location, jewelry and quantity of piercings
  • Nipples – $75 and up. We can apply some of our existing nipple styles, or do completely custom nipples for your order.
  • Breast enlargements – $500. We do not recommend the enlargements because they are not typically very visually obvious and they make the breasts firmer
  • Tan lines – $250 for bottoms-only and $500 for the top. We can do any style of tan lines you would like. We have a large database of options on our Pinterest page.
  • Tattoos – $150 and up. Pricing includes a non-refundable design fee plus application fee. We normally do all tattoo designs for each client in house. We do not exactly replicate designs.
  • Heat – $300. The built-in heat is not recommended for inserts. It is easier to warm the insert in hot water. Heat warms the anal and vaginal entries only. Do not play with the doll or put it in water when plugged in.
  • Thigh modifications – $150 to $350 depending on which option you select.
  • Transsexual attachments for female dolls – $250.
  • Extra penises for male dolls – $99 and up depending on upgrade or standard.
  • Body hair – $75 and up. Body  hair is real human hair individually hand punched.
  • Eyebrows – $35 and up. We offer 3D paint and real hair options for eyebrows to increase realism.
  • Manicure & pedicure – $35 and up. Prices vary based on styles of nails selected and difficulty of application
  • Personal Shopper – $200 and up. Personal shopper purchases are non-refundable and non-returnable. Our specialist helps you select the right styles and fit for your Sinthetic.

We also offer accessory items such as extra wigs and eyes, the Sexy Feet, various dildos and similar items. You can find these items on theBoutique and Accessories pages. Items with a lot of available options such as the feet and penises are purchased through the Doll Order Form. Prices vary based on what you would like.

Sexy Feet (not including upgrades or postage):

  • Basic short feet               $249
  • Vajankle                           $175 (no shoes)
  • Mixed pair style A
    1 vajankle, 1 standard   $299.50
  • Two-tone short feet       $349
  • Tall feet                            $499

You can see more information about shipping prices HERE.

Freight and postage prices are subject to change and are dependent on area of delivery. Freight and postage costs do not include import taxes, duties or customs. Those fees are applied by international governments and paid directly to them when the item arrives at customs.

  • Priority postage for samples – $6.50 USA, $17.95 Canada, $25 Europe
  • Priority postage for small items such as dildos and inserts – $25 USA, $35 Canada, Europe and Asian
  • Priority postage for short feet – $35 USA, $55 Canada, $65 Europe and Asia
  • Priority postage for tall feet – $55 USA, $65 Canada, $75 Europe and Asia
  • Priority postage for stands – $75 USA, $85 Canada, $95 Europe and Asia
  • Freight for dolls – $550 USA, $650 Canada, $850 most of Europe and Japan, $1000 most of Asia

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