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Come back to view this page from time to time to see what people are saying about Sinthetics!

You can find links to studio photos of Sinthetics that have been sent home on this page. New images are added every week or two.


 Joseph from New Jersey – March 2014

Allow me to start by thanking you for accommodating my needs and time constraints. This really shows how much you value and respect your customers.

You guys promised me a world-class mannequin, and you guys delivered. In fact, you have far surpassed my expectations. I have done an extensive research before ordering and have seen thousands of pictures of dolls from all over the world and by all manufacturers. Non-caught my eyes like the mannequins from Sinthetics. You guys really do take “the devil’s in the details” to heart. The craftsmanship of your product shows your unprecedented artistic talent in the world of custom-made dolls.

The ordering process was easy and more importantly, absolutely exciting. As you try to choose the combinations you want to customize your desire, your brain is doused with endorphin and you feel a tremendous rush. At least this is how I felt. Of course, Bronwen is there to answer your questions or address any concerns that you may have.

Made the payment and then came the longest six months of my life. That was my only concern especially that other manufacturers take less time to finish and deliver the product. However, you definitely get what you wait for; the absolute best custom-built mannequin in existence today. It was unquestionably worth the wait.

Finally, the doll manufacturing industry, at least for the time being, is relatively small and highly competitive. Dollar for dollar, no doll manufacturers will provide you with quality, customizability, details, service and sheer realism like Sinthetics would.

Special thanks to Matt, Bronwen and the entire studio crew.


Jeff in California – December 2013

I’m absolutely thrilled with my new doll, Rachel.

When I started thinking about buying a doll, I shopped around quite a bit.  Of course I found that there were a number of options out there…but they looked like, well, dolls—and mass-produced dolls at that.  When I found Sinthetics, I knew I had found something different—something truly superior:  these masterful creations looked like women…absolutely gorgeous women.  They did not just look like dolls.  The extensive gallery on the Sinthetics.com website really gave me a feel of the possibilities, so I used the very straightforward order interface to test out a bunch of designs.  It was really fun!  The customization options seemed limitless.  I wanted them all!  I found myself returning to the galleries and the design interface frequently—partly for making decisions about my doll, and partly for the sheer enjoyment of it.  This was all before I actually contacted Sinthetics for the first time.

Once I was ready to move forward, I became acquainted with Bronwen in sales.  She answered all of my questions—and there were a lot of them.  She spoiled me!  It was terrific.  Bronwen made me feel like the Sinthetics Team was creating something special just for me.  I placed my order for Rachel, and Bronwen kept me in close touch with what was going on with the process.  Since I couldn’t afford more than one doll, I decided to purchase a 2nd head (Grace), as well as a couple of wigs, and even an extra pair of eyes.  I had a special outfit in mind as well, and Bronwen even helped to track that down.

The wait was hard, but oh so worth it!  I decided to pick up my doll in-person, and made arrangements with Bronwen to drop by the shop in the evening.  Wow!  The results were fantastic.  The moment I walked into the viewing area, I was stunned—Grace was absolutely beautiful!  I was speechless.  At that moment, Matt was taking snapshots of Grace (in the outfit I had requested), and I got the chance to meet the Master himself.  He was so friendly and engaging, it felt like reconnecting with an old friend.  After Matt finished with Grace, he showed me how to change heads, and Rachel appeared.  She was stunning—I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  Even up close, she looked as if she might take a breath and speak to me—so life-like!

Matt seemed to be pretty proud of his work—and rightly so.  “She’s sassy,” he said.  “She’s hot,” he said.  “Hurry up so I can take her home!” I replied.  He took several shots of Rachel, then showed me how to safely get her into my car for the trip home.  Truly unbelievable.

From the website to the customer service to the master sculptor’s beautiful women (dolls) to the friendly & talented shop team, this was an incomparable experience.  Whatever any competitor has to offer, it can’t possibly compare to Matt’s masterpieces and the Sinthetics buying experience.  Thank you for everything, Sinthetics team!  I’m hoping to come back again…soon!


 “These are stereo pairs – cross you eyes to see her in 3D!”

My Angelica from Sinthetics – a Testimonial by Mike R, December 2012

I actually wanted to file this testimonial months ago but much has gotten in the way since Angelica arrived at my home. So, finally, here is my testimonial in praise of my beautiful new companion. I’ll make this testimonial short by noting the salient impressions I had upon her arrival.

Angelica arrived perfectly and carefully packed in a very sturdy, double-walled corrugated cardboard box. The way she was protected inside the box spoke volumes about the care with which Sinthetics use when shipping products to their customers.

Angelica herself deserves her new name because she truly is the finest silicone doll I have ever owned. I’m comparing her to two other dolls I have had in the past (neither of which I currently own) from two different manufacturers. Angelica is more a work of art rather than just a “doll” and she brings a smile to my face whenever I enter the room where she resides. So, quickly, here are the most important features I want to share:

1) Skin – Angelica has the most life-like skin to the touch on any silicone doll I’ve had the pleasure to own. Her skin is soft, not at all oily or “tacky” to the touch and is a joy to caress. It’s not difficult for me to imagine I’m touching a living person when I feel her skin. Truly wonderful.

2) Face – Angelica’s facial expression is also extremely life-like. Other dolls I’ve been around tend to be essentially without expression or emotion. Not so with Angelica. Her expression gives me the sense she enjoys my company with her beautiful, slight but “heartfelt” smile.

3) Movement – Angelica’s joints are very stiff but I find that to be a true asset as she can hold any pose I put her in. She has a wonderful range of motion that is, again, truly lifelike although I certainly have no intention of “over extending” any of her joints – I tend to handle her very carefully. I’ve read that her joints will loosen up a bit over time.

4) Breasts – I asked Sinthetics to go all-out with the breast “enhancement” I specified with my original order. So they gave her the largest amount of enhancement, I believe, of any manikin they’ve made. Yes, her breasts are very firm but that is to my liking. So “mega” kudos for that. I also ordered custom nipples and they are beyond wonderful.

5) Insert – I ordered Angelica with the removable insert although it took me a long time to make that decision because I was afraid the removable aspect might detract from the realism of her body. I’m glad, now, I went with the removable insert as it is very easy to remove, clean and then re-insert. I was also surprised that a second insert was included which makes it even better in that I can remove the one insert and install the other while the first one is being cleaned and then set out to dry overnight. Also, the second insert has the much larger labia so I have a real nice choice between the two.

There are many, many other wonderful features I enjoy with Angelica but as I mentioned above I want to keep this testimonial short. I will finish by saying it was a true pleasure working with Sinthetics who kept me constantly updated as to Angelica’s progress. Plus they sent me production photos during the manufacturing process which served to intensify my anticipation of my Angelica’s eventual arrival. It was all really part of the fun of ordering and now owning a Sinthetics companion and I am truly grateful for Sinthetics’ professionalism. If you are still undecided as to which doll company you want to make a purchase from, my advice would be to go with the very best – Sinthetics!

Mike R


November 2012 from Flavius007, USA

 “On September 24th, Kimberly Fox arrived. As soon as I opened the box, a beautiful creation was revealed before my eyes. Thanks to Bronwen and Matt for their hard work and artistic perfection.

Kimberly is as I expected and more. Incredibly life like.”


March 2012 from Patrice, France

After some events, independent from Sinthetics, Hannah (body 1b with Kimiko face) finally arrived safe and sound. She moreover traveled longer in France where above the Atlantic Ocean! Hannah is a very beautiful creature who asks only to be tamed. It is a delight for eyes and however the amateurish photographer I am. One thank you to Bronwen for the quality of her welcome(reception) and her availability.”


August 2011 from GreyGull, in the corn patch
The Tri-Baller [upgraded 6″ male doll penis attachment] arrived safely!  Actually surprised at how fast it arrived, im used to Fedex and UPS. Yay for Priority Mail!

I can now understand why [another doll owner] had to touch up the paint on his [doll’s] attachment due to vigorous amorous attention! This is truly incredible! I wasn’t expecting it to be this supple! I must say, the “stress balls” are hard to let go of. Even when bending the shaft, the way the skin folds looks incredibly realistic. Y’all are some crazy ass magicians out there!  And my hats off (hands on?) to the model, well chosen was he!

Im glad i made the decision to satisfy my curiosity, which has now made me hungry for an appropriate doll crotch to stick it in, when i have the funds to do so!      

Anyway, thank you and everyone there again for doing such great work. Ive got squeezing to do!


July 2011 from DD, Up North
Just wanted to say a quick thanks for everything.  I had some time yesterday to get know all the different features and poses of your beautiful creation.  As surprised as I am, I have never had an adult product that felt so soft and lifelike before.  The [other doll] I had previously never felt this real and looked this pretty.  The rear enhancements along with the fact that i don’t have to powder this thing are things that I also love about this product. Great stuff!

Send my thanks to Matt as well, can’t thank you guys enough.  The [other brand] has nothing on this lol!  As I soon near the age of 30, I’m realizing in life that you definitely get what you pay for.  With such a high quality product that you have produced, this saying is definitely true and your work is a perfect example of that!!


June 2011 from FanOfStephR, Seattle
“1. I’m lucky and happy to have the discontinued lovable legs/JustLegs. Very beautiful– work of art.

2. The tall feet made with the new formula are truly wonderful – Style A, milk, cherry nails- The softness and realism, the gradual 2-tone effect of slightly darker around the bottoms- just like a real woman. Gorgeous! Thank you Sinthetics for creating such great products.


April 2011 from Polaroid, California
Thank you for my April Song (body 1h with Alicia face). She is everything I want come to life and more beautiful then I imagined . She really is amazing as she more advanced then any of my previous gals. The skin feels great and breast are as soft as the 4Woods with where the softest I touched. The skeleton range of motion are fantastic still learning what she do.


March 2011 from Josie Doll, CA
“When I decided to surprise my hubby with a doll, I wanted to make sure I went to the very best & thats how I found Sinthetics I couldnt have been happier with my Josie Doll, she was absolutely perfect, & Matt is both an amazing artist & a super nice guy. He really helped make the process really fun & took the time to explain all the steps it took to make my twin. She is even better then I imagined her, and we both love her”


February, 2010 from Ray from the Midwest

I have had my Sinthetic Doll, 1H Tawny about about twenty days, I have owned before the older Real dolls and more recently 3 different Mechadolls. I tried to order a fourth Mechadoll, but after a 9 month wait I finally got my money back.

The positive on the Sinthetic doll are as follows:

  • The shipping was flawless and great packaging
  • The best detail I have seen on a doll, hands, feet, body, head, and the skeleton.
  • The skeleton is stiff and that is a good thing, as it positions nicely
  • The makeup is flawless.
  • The neck has good movement
  • The skin has a nice satin finish, not shiny, so it has a natural look,
  • The nails on the hands and toes are very nice
  • I had the Internal heat option and works great.
  • The weight of the doll is 70 something pounds, very easy to move and position
  • The doll is probably the best positioned doll for doggy sex, that I have had.
  • The doll is very good for personal use
  • I had the additional Pubic hair and it was done better then any of my dolls in the past

There is no perfect doll out there, so there are few things that are on my negative list:
I also ordered the Gel Buttocks and they were not soft as I felt they should have been, but this doll also has a small butt.

All this being said, I would buy another Sinthetic doll in a heart beat, as soon as they have a doll with larger butt and legs. As I said there is no perfect doll out there and this is a real nice doll for Pictures and personal use, the Detail is unbelievable.


February, 2011 from Toysin3D, USA
Not a toy and more than just a doll, Sinthetics are fully poseable sexy pieces of art displaying realistic detail from head to toe. Highly customizable with a selection of beautifully hand sculpted heads to choose from and a number of additional options offered, I couldn’t be happier with the job Sinthetics did in creating my gals!

A full review of my doll can be found at: http://ourdollcommunity.com/forum/index.php?topic=1824.0


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