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Transgender Products

Somewhat unexpectedly, Sinthetics penis products have been discovered by the FtM TG community because of our superb realism in look and feel. We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve this sector of society and provide you with realistic apparatus to aid in the stages of transition. Our penises are suitable as packers, but also can just be added fun for any couple. Please view this page for more details on types and measurements.

Sinthetics cocks are mostly made from life casts which is why the close-up textural detail is so precise and accurate. The penises that we make come in two densities or available softness combinations. Regardless of whether you select the single density or the upgraded, the outer finish is the same. Our goal is to create the most realistic appearance possible.

  • The Flaccid attachments are all single-density pours. This means they are the same softness of material throughout. The softness is equivalent to a flaccid penis, which allows the packer to realistically sit in underwear.
  • The single-density erect penises are fairly rigid throughout (including scrotum) much like a regular dildo. The expected use for these items is purely sexual. They are best used with a harness, or as a dildo if that is your preference.
  • The upgraded erect penises are very complex, and supremely realistic in feel. They are multi-stage pours which means that there is a firm core to the penis itself, covered with a softer skin so that the outer layer and the glans are decadently soft and pliable. The scrotum is gel-filled with firm testes inside. Unfortunately there is no material at this time which can realistically and repeatedly mimic the foreskin, so the foreskins on our uncircumcised models do not move or slide.

This video shows the 6 inch erect circumcised upgraded flat-back penis:

Our attachments come with various options for the back shape. Which you select is going to be a personal decision based primarily on your intended use of the item. The cupped-back toys are suitable for wearing with a small daily harness, or with medical adhesive to keep them in place in underwear. With the flaccid penises, the cupped back is recommended. The larger erect penises (7 inches and above) are typically too heavy to work successfully with the cupped back and adhesive only. A harness will most likely be required even with adhesive. For strap-on play, we recommend the flat back erect penises. The back is a soft disc of silicone which cushions some of the impact during sex allowing for a more comfortable Top experience.

The images below show our female model wearing the flaccid uncircumcised penis with adhesive only.

Our penis products are available in all our standard skin tones. Silicone samples can be ordered HERE if you would like to get the closest match to your skin tone. To order the penises, sign in to our website then visit THIS page.

For the transgender community, we are open and willing to discuss custom projects to go along with the several ideas we have for new development. Custom projects are often time consuming and expensive, so we suggest that people try to form groups to figure out what features would be most desirable in a new product and to share expenses.

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